Tuesday, 3 March 2015

O x b l o o d

Ever have those days where the ‘great’ outdoors looks like it has absolutely nothing to offer? Well snap out of it! How can you make such a conclusion before you’ve stepped out to assess the situation, honey? The weather was so rude to me on this day. It was freezing, the rain continuously teased us and all the ‘common sense’ signs were telling me to get in the car and go home.

Pulling on this seasons pants of perseverance, aka the Culottes I realised that the shade I had chosen to wear for the day complimented the dewy weather ab-so-lutely perfectly. How’s that for a silver lining?

Fashionistas, if you’ve been keeping up with the transitioning trends of Winter to Spring, you’ll want to know how to wear oxblood…and how to wear Culottes. As one of this season’s steamiest, subtlest and sexiest duo, I’m confident you’ll find it among the rails and racks of our favourite stores for seasons to come.

Earrings : Primark
Lipstick: Mac 'Diva'

Shoes : Next 
Culottes:  Primark
Turtle Neck: Primark

Biker Jacket : Primark

 Kandidly His, Kandidly Yours,

K-G xo


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