Thursday, 26 February 2015

G r e a t || L e n g t h s


Earrings: Primark
Lipstick: Topshop

Shirt dress: HnM

Ever considered the process of change and how lengthy it can be? There’s something super endearing about the stage known as ‘in-between’ and a beauty that's deserving of applause when we opt for the avenue that needn't be defined.

There are things that do not need to be explained and things that simply cannot be explained, but the lightbulb moment we all eventually experience should never be taken for granted!

Aside of the obvious ‘speak for themselves’ traits like personality, music choice and favourite food types there are the more aesthetic things in life like our choices in clothing, why we opt for the height of our hellish (Nan’s words not mine) heels and other day-to-day preferences that do often require a slightly deeper shedding of light.

Enter the shirt dress! A clear firm favourite that lends itself to a number of wearing styles. Worn as a cover-up, a dress or teamed up with jeans, it’s a classy day to night style piece answering all our ‘too long?’ ‘too fitted?’ questions.

I remember when the dress over leggings trend emerged. I. Wanted. To. CRY! Thank goodness for the blessing that evolutionary fashion can be eh?

When summer comes the look can work just as well minus the jeans, and HnM have a great range of shirt dresses that you should definitely check out!

Shoes: Tesco (similar here)

Thanks to my lovely friend Dee for the snaps! 

Kandidly His, Kandidly yours,

Karen xo


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