Friday, 16 January 2015

K a n d i d || s h a d e s || o f || g r e y

There's a beauty in subtlety. The kind that you can only find once you’ve stripped  away all the fuss and ‘too well thought out (ness)’.

I’m not normally one for head to toe colourings, but for numerous shades of grey – I’d gladly make the exception. When I first clapped eyes on this gorgeous coat from Primark, I couldn’t quite believe it was from there…Primark!

While my Nan still loves to encourage or should I say impose. the ‘why don’t you get a nice bag to match the shoes’ culture, much to her dissmay I like to think I’m not so into the whole symmetry thing these days.  With so many different shades of grey (you ought to commend me for not saying fifty twice in a row guys) currently residing in (and around) my closet, this minimal tone once regarded as a basic base has quickly become Karen’s matchy-matchy favourite.

General agreements used to be that grey was a colour that complimented the cold, feared by those experiencing the natural (and almost always reluctant) onset of age and strictly reserved for yucky weather.

Thankfully, everyone seems to have warmed up to it (cue round of applause for the influence of high street stores and our beloved catwalk) clambering into our wardrobes.

Coat - Primark
Shoes - (style Aideen)
Trousers - HnM
Jumper - HnM
Earrings - New Look

Kandidly His, Kandidly Yours,

Karen xo


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