Monday, 29 December 2014

M i n g l e || a l l || t h e || w a y

Sets scene: You're out having a good time, and your favourite song comes on... but you're bursting for the loo. "Can I make it back in time before the beat drops or nah?" 

We've all been there! And that's why I vowed, never to wear a jumpsuit on a night out ever again. Ever. Ok, a bit melodramatic, but this Summer I found myself charging out of the toilet doors and back up the stairs of the venue 30 beats too late on too many occasions. In most instances, I’d waited most, if not all of the night to hear my song as well ! 

So I thought I'd share a simple wardrobe alteration that I'm planning on making as we continue with festivities!

Anyway, I digress slightly! I love the look of a jumpsuit, but very much prefer a day / night without all the fuss (if you haven't already sussed from my longwinded story up top, ha-ha!) *Enters the ‘Karen alternative’* After a long hard search, I've finally found a pair of high-waist trousers and decided to team them up with this gorgeous Brocade top , offering the illusion of a *leans in to whisper* one piece! This is a little inspo for anyone who might still be on the lookout with one day 'til NY!

No more struggles in the restroom and no more missing my jam(s) ! Win - Win baby!

Huge love to the creative beaut, Abigail Lamptey for my recent snaps!

Kandidly His, Kandidly Yours,

Karen xo


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