Sunday, 26 October 2014

The trouble with covering up

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They say a problem shared is a problem halved, but how willing are we to let go and offload?

For many of us, the idea of ‘covering up’ takes us back to the wise (and what seemed at the time annoying) words our Nan’s /Grandma’s once spoke to us. You know, the ones warning us about ‘the cold getting to our chests’ or ‘what a silly mistake it was to choose that not so sensible top in this weather.’

Well Grandma Grace, I’d say some of our attitudes to covering up a little different to one another, but I wore this little warmer just for you, love! HaHa!

In hindsight those nostalgic moments are hilarious, but today when we spare a more serious thought for the adverse effects that one part of covering up can have on us mentally and physically, laughter very quickly disappears. Depression, loneliness, bitterness and a sense of a lack of fulfilment are all too common within our society today, and a little a change in approach could be all a few people need to help make their journey just that little bit smoother.

Thinking on it, to ‘cover up’ to me is to fail in unveiling a layer that could benefit us and others around us if and when shown. I'm not talking about the kind of failure that misses the mark, I'm talking about the guy or girl who deems it unimportant to get to talking!

Now. Notice the emphasis I previously placed on the word could?

The concept of sharing all boils down to the element of freedom every one of us human beings has. It’s called choice. A simple emotion and right, that so many of us opt out of because it's 'so much easier to keep things to ourselves'. Either that, or you're just too proud to share how you really, truly, deeply, feel.

I was recently reminded by a super-close friend that it is an 'OK' and important part of growth to share how we feel with the ones we love and trust the most. We can identify these people by proximity - both in terms of location and the degree of relationship we share with them, as well as by recognising the significance of those people in our lives. 

By all means, adopt an attitude of discernment before offloading, and understand that not everything needs to be shared, but remember to do less of the covering up. If it brings you one step closer to the freer person you're supposed to be, then so be it.

Remember - A problem shared is a problem halved. 

Kandidly His, Kandidly Yours,

Karen xo


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